Kyle’s Off-Road and Street was born out of a love of motorcycles. Almost all of my early childhood memories involve riding bikes; with the exception of that one Christmas morning that I awoke to find a whole bunch of new bike equipment under the tree from Santa. :) 

Although I am a little bit older now, many times throughout the day I still find myself dreaming about bikes or my next bike trip. When you are dreaming you might as well dream about the trick stuff; no old Junkers here. 

What I have tried to do here at Kyle’s Off-Road and Street is assemble some of the best components available into a friendly one stop shopping location. One  that puts good service and customer satisfaction ahead of profit.

So... if its trick and you are dreaming about it, I can probably get it for you. Or if you want some HIGH-END work done on a bike, I would be glad to do it for you. (Notice I said HIGH-END... I do trick, custom, or rare, not IT465 needs a new fork seal!)

 I think that customer service, satisfaction plus quality are several of the best ways to keep a customer.

Thank You                                                                                                    Kyle Petryshen                                                                                                     President of Kyle’s Off-Road and Street.